Rock Candy Neva-Neva trail


The little white cabbage moth
& the dragonfly, following
Hobo down his bumbling
Rock Candy Neva-Neva path

beside the river.  Past the bridge
nearly finished, almost
restored... some ghost
dance out of Petersburg (knowledge

from chaste visionredemption
blooming like a morning
gloryeverything trembling
at the dawn of timethe Galilean

tacking in the wind across the lake
zigzagging like a monarch
slanting orange-black
over sumac, milkweedto be forsaken

& his cup to take)...  So the dream of a girl
is the grail of a dream, when
startled Magdalen
beholds him (where fern-worlds unfurl).

Like a fiddlehead figurehead, a nettle
Beatrice, the dream ramifies;
what was there always
unveils, the whole sweet kernel-coracle –

as Hobo finds his bearings in the smile
of a limestone Ursus profile,
in the lofty Milky Whale
of a firefly Jonah (rainbow trail).


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