in the zigzag brambles


The effect of insight is a sway
of blindness.  Hobo stumbles
in the zigzag brambles.
Fractured fractal frater Francese

camouflaged beneath the Franklin Bridge
(Brownian motion
through a brown mountain
of thorny lozenges & Persian sedge).

The little we see is like a microdot.
A pimple on an eager
pupil – light more meager
in the spokey distance than we thought

– a black hole at its vanishing
girdled with gold penumbra.
His hairs are all numbered,
Galla... fine fit for banishing.

& out of Purgatory rose the diamond
circled by dark chocolate figs
in Sydney.  Wisdom’s digs
are Solomon’s life-shade (moribund

quincunx in the quipu knot);
mild oil of Cyrus
poring shaky chess
wi’ Vladimir, in Paradise (not

Petersburg – Neva). & milky
black, El K arrays
6 ribbons in a Coke display –
the cosmic fizz is finished, Blackie


Pushkin (Abyssinian catastrophe).
I sense a communion
in an eyelid’s tear-borne
Rimini.  Her ruffled water-symphony,

her Moth Star – bracketed by wagon-
train or Charley-horse –
rose (by reverse Morse
code, or languish tombsk) to fill a flagon

slithered by play claw (dogwood
& oaken twig matter,
merged in a stream-mutter
toward Troezen crown).  Shivered

the Quaker grave.  Some Isis-ghost
of prodigal Ox-Iris lifted
Isaac from the scripted
crumb – some rose Mosaic host,

some chorus of arboreal grief.
Pacific prescience,
aquiline benevolence
ring from that innocence (belief

by kid in Hart’s magnanimous
Columbia-flow).  A simple
crossroad marks the ample
shadow every Geraldine or Uncle

Roger filed, & Dickey bird loves
just this – reciprocal
acknowledgement of all
a gap entails (Thanksgiving doves).


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