sealed by kiss


This May light by the Mississippi.
Evening radiance
of ripeness – deep silence.
Nature can’t be explained, you see –

just felt.  The invisible sustains
the visible.  The unspoken
bee-silk tread, unbroken
dangling between a line of cranes

(fixed image from a coasting film
of tears, pooling in swamps
outside Ravenna dumps).
The retina, the iris-realm –

trim silence of almond canoe
hung up in dim garage
of old Ferrara (green
mirage).  She’s looking for you.

Calling you.  Her light curves round.
Curves round a pyx
hexagonal (X marks
her).  Regal Em, par exemple   bound

for glory in an Amherst cell
her russet star flames
golden dome   her name’s
a plunging eagle’s parallel

O gram of wheat  slanting to water
where the match strikes fire
in Mary’s   mirror-empire
as   furiously spinning   mutter-potter


echoes one   light-blazing choir
fluke-blinded hearth-power
of black earth-heart   your
milky diamond   from trench-cold mire

The universe is made of this.
A new world beckons now
from almond soil.  Plow
of the old world, sealed by kiss –

recycling topsoil of time
from Raven-Wife to salt
Ravenna – vernal vault
of Juliet to St. Louis sublime.

Moses – padre of Cleopatra,
stepfather of Jessie O.,
veteran of Shiloh...
he might know.  The river mantra

for the quick & dead (a strong drown-
gong) is fugal drone –
peepers in a mud-cone
warbling (like robins in a round).

Across there, from Monk’s Mound.
The planetary plate
is studded with jagged fate –
but we will make a joyful sound,

O froggy clown.  King Charles 3rd
awaits his guilty crown...
Henry is plastering his own.
His throne’s Columbian (a golden bird).


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