to the Open Road


Hobo took to the Open Road,
from Minneapolis
to ancient Providence.
Like Mark Baumer, or Johnny Appleseed

or Pippin, off the deck of Pequod
unto lustrous ebony
of kings (their feathery
full fathom five... old sacred wood).

Gray tintype of elder Whitman,
stiff lead butterfly perched
on his hand.  We searched
for you, O monarch soul – your Plan

a prairie zigzag into Mexico.
Across the Rio Grande
to feathered-serpent land
pacing a shadow like raven-arrow

(Narragansett shade).  Crumbs
for Elijah-bird, Joachim-
eagle (from the seraphim).
Who plummets (wings like snare drums

thundering).  A way of traveling back
into deep green earth,
Hobo – measure your worth
for cedar berth (from Hackensack

to heavenly Jerusalem).  Transfiguration
chicken shack – here Hen
gathers his brood again
into the spare refectory (Franciscan


cornerstone) where Piero limned
an emerald almond branch
lit by a thread (match-
fuse flaring) like sun-skimmed

honey-milk.  So Hobo burbles home
downstream.  The Gulf beckons.
Blue radiance of suns
(YHWH, YInMn) out of Pacific foam...

& in RI, in San Francisco Bay
orange arcs of rainbow
(mulitocular O-show)
fan skyward Hagia Sophia spark-display.

A yellow-black viceroy wavers
from Petersburg, southwest.
Grave resurrection, chaste
Akme-vision... dark cherry life-savers

Persephone crane-dances
limping to the spring.
Natasha’s creaky swing
for Julietta 484   rusty romances

when we dead shall rise   ghost-dancing
circling into the cloud
of dust   meek now, not proud
Frank Muleteer   Jennifer Sing-Sing

abracadabra... Alcatraz
rock flung from sky
become canoe   your eye
be dew   pine-sap    river to Paradise


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