hobo takes upward path


This deep translucent honeycomb,
this palimpsest of green
beside the bronze serpent
of midmost river, mother-stream.

Hobo must climb from his log-bed
of lassitude & diffidence.
He sees the circumference
of his enormous creaking sad

forsaken solitary double
ferris wheel – his rusted
rose or Island Road,
a lonely spark of conscience-trouble

(ancient Roger Williams port
for Puritan & exiled
Quaker, reconciled
by Narragansett welcome-heart).

He must un-knot his mumbling
& speak to the res publica.
Tender Mnemosyne
leans like a wispy cedar, trembling

against the scorpion-twister
of learned viciousness
& bland unconsciousness –
conceited treason like a blister-

burn, compound of avarice
& vanity – unreason
squawking each lesson
through megaphones of fraudulence


– corpse-flowers of corruption
breeding in rotten logs
of oligarchy – hogs
& coyotes preying on the children

of the designated sacrifice
(the under-underclass
under the overpass,
who pay for our convenience – twice).

The Minotaur of twisted love
contorts against grace,
O Hamlet Falcon-Ace –
his den of hate-mark drove the dove

out of her rightful nesting-place.
Her forum of good will –
Columbian windowsill
of human fellowship (Dante’s

& Aristotle’s animale
compagnevole) – sheds
reflective limestone beds
of ever-new Itasca springs (ey

yo) out of unfathomable depths
of Manitou-benevolence
(Ghost who in silence
walks beside you, sweet Princeps).

Ophelia, Horatio, Francesco,
Juliet... heart-Jonahs
surfacing from Okeanos –
anchored fresco-arc astride Frisco.


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