in the acorn dome


This August light is equal everywhere
& tender in its knowingness
of time & our faiblesse.
Impartial good is manifest to share.

The little boy with yellow gyroscope
hugged tight by Giuliana
on a sidestreet in Ravenna
sketches balance, equilibrium – her hope

the son grows like a sunflower
to soar into some wide
limpid Italian countryside
(gold into golden sunshower).

A rooted pine on point of land
or evergreen holm oak,
each invisible spoke
of living soul is regal, understand –

an incognito King or Queen
en masque as servant
on this earth, blent
in a bond of I with You (unseen,

but felt).  Substance of the sole command
of natural law (to love,
to love, to love) – above,
below – from Providence, Rhode Island

to an anchored grandeur on Pacific strand.
Whispered from acorn dome –
cherished green home
whose restoration here is promised (planned).


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