human with human, clay with clay

Bde Maka Ska, 9.1.17


Now as high summer light ripens
for departure, I remember
how the slight high-wire figure
teetered with tinker shuffle – he bends

his magnetic pole like a long-legged
water-spider, concentrating,
pursuing path P (humming
under his breath) – like a ragged

American robin yodeling, like Francis
the mule on his slight dogwood
perch – so Mayflower would
not sink to sea-floor, so helpless

crowds not tumble from twin towers
to be men not destroyers
his mind moves with those powers
preternatural, avian – showers

of coruscate sparks   from Night Sea
mind   of Okean-reality
heart of   gratitude-mentality
a rustic Thanksgiving   Massasoit will see

to it   along with Black Elk   &
that woodpecker   Thunderbird
a red-streak   flute-word
seeking the common factor   grain

of sand   salt   the personal touch
her hand moves   back & forth
her footsteps   north, south
with his   east, west   in a torch-


song dream   a melody of Sabbath
silence   invisible liberty
simplicity of   soul poverty
& touch of palm   Grace   have no wrath

So you enter the fiery mind-hearth
of heart-mine   the flame
that never dies   who came
from Sky-Whale   to the earth

Jonah   turtledove   blinding Phoenix
so that disconsolate disunion
of father & daughter be undone
with mother & son   a catenary

parallax   twin for twin   tower
for gate   dark green Atlantic
azure-tangerine Pacific
primavera robin   in woodpecker bower

raven & bluejay & eagle   looking on
all these old threads   a nest
or safety net (good, better, best)
for wounded souls   yearning for dawn

So take firm hold   like little Philippe
the water-spider’s   shaking   handlebar
& skip   like Juliet   there
on the sandy shore   where Okean-Ship

embarks for a feast   of reconciliation
human with human   clay
with clay   like a Greek galley
with smiling eye   aye-aye   cosmopolitan


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