O day-song of a day


Some ancient Oklahoma sage
knows life as integral
& whole.  A round corral
of circle dance (light wind on stage).

One heartbeat, straight from Manitou.
John in the river, calling
each to prayer, & fasting –
washing clean (life to renew).

The little red plastic lawn chair
Sophie uses catches
the sun.  Minuscule edifice
subject to ridicule, she will suffer

small kids to be comfortable here.
Her persecuted refugee
will be your judge someday –
the heart of old Bluejay casts out fear.

Some perfect day in June, she’ll come
for you...  Shine, raving dove
from Resurrection grave!
She’ll ask what you have done, she’ll sum

you up.  And it’s not too late
(amid these arcs of oak
& pine) to add your spoke
to the wheel of penetrating light –

to hear Natasha’s whispered promise
in the ear of Mandelstam
& join the rapture of a psalm
clasped in her kiss within a kiss.


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