bring it all to bear (she-bear)


This Hobo, then – who he?
Lounging by Mississippi
lumpy, caw-caw-hokey
groaning accidentally for She-

Bear – as for primordial Iris.
Great purple monarch,
Theodora in birchbark –
like unto Micòl, or MLK (who is

& was & will be, by the light
of Milky Way).  His Big
Rock Candy brig
like a Black Sea barred-owl frigate

slants downstream, toward Colchis
or N’Orleans golden fleece –
& that arc, that St. Louis
centerpiece, shaped an L for his

Osiris lance (his buoyant flatboat
horizontal).  Troubled in mind,
some perpetual blind
haunt (old King Unfort, behind his moat).

& the whole American Dream lies
like dustbowl wasteland
of frosted heart, hard hand.
Sleepwalkers, unredeemed Henries



yoked to their stock.  An iron band
for an age of iron years,
until they can weep tears
again... up to the waist in river-sand.

Providence is in our eye,
he mumbles to himself.
In Ocean State – elf-
green, Rose Island red... (sigh).

Immaculate, born from the sea...
baptism for Columbia,
the Jonah-Dove.  Selah.
An overlay, a palimpsest... a little tree

of life & liberty... an ark
bearing a covenant
of loving-loyal parent,
child – for you, America.  Embark.

Into the open sea of universality,
where the human fingerprint
whorls to its fundament –
that knot of radiant mutuality –

the heart’s own ruby (in a sapphire ring).
So melt the iron with a diamond
flame, graft flowering almond
to the great oak’s mistletoe, & bring

the limping Hobo-King into her limpid
shade, moss-green & grey...
Hagia Sophia, who shall be
statutes of Liberty – dancing, embodied.


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