in cedar spring


Hobo sauntering by the mother-river
with a pebble in his shoe
small stone, toe-to-toe
just for you, forever & ever.

It’s the mystery of history, he says
the authority of the source
headwaters, of course
Veritas caput.  & so his voice

goes modulated with the flow from there
as the sound wave of a whale
goes through a wave, to hell
& back – using echolocation (your

submarine eye, Osiris-sailor).
As the cathedral-builder
put her name in the floor
at the center of the maze, Jair –

that’s where you’ll find her grey-
winged agate (like minnow
in Rio del Espiritu Santo)
making the sign of a spiral J;

like a whisper out of the heart of silence
or out of Ocean River
circling round you forever
with those winking lights, intelligence

of love... because what was human & personal
is as close as your shadow
& adores creation – El Shaddai
in cedar spring (simple, loving, powerful)


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