moss-green lamb-rock


Anniversaries, conjunctions... Latrobe’s
bell tower in New Orleans
& a birthday (Walter Whitman’s)
twine reverberations, stellar probes.

This lone outcrop in far north wood
furred-over with green
& phosphorescent lichen
mimes in lime our original Head –

primordial earth-ram (sheepish lamb)
upon the adamant of Time –
Isis, or Miriam –
Virgin bedrock of the bright I AM.

Inexorability of violent history –
labyrinth of Minotaur –
wolf-trap for who we are
spooled out in filmy, rusty tragedy

after tragedy – the pile-up of ’68
the green redhead in Dallas
the blue blackbird in Memphis
& it all seems endless – infernal hate –

O brazen, obdurate Iron Age
of malice toward all!  Only
the slant eye of poetry
mourning on a misty Montauk stage

might warble a different kingdom comin’ –
chaste infant equality.
Your hummingbird infantry,
Walter – your cherry petals, Benjamin.


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