narrow waist of driftwood


Summer fading into gray skullcap.
Henry with his brass trombone
& Hobo his hypnotic loon
shore up the railroad tracks with sap

of clammy shellfish scree (Rhode Island
sound).  My Providence,
your looming salience;
lines on a brow dwindled by sand

down a narrow waist of driftwood
sundial.  Stentorian
Henry, like a milk train
wreck, bundles through the neighborhood...

but it shall not be so with you.
Glance of dark green
(like black-eyed Susan)
measuring its circuit-wheel of blue

& blazing gold.  Iris of promise
under one lead sentence
(autumn rain).  A spindly
fence holds back the dunes for this,

my gift of dried-up horseshoe crab –
like a seahorse Pegasus
planted on Cain’s verses
(Falcon-Ace, clipped in rehab).

I’m only whispering to you.
From now on, friend,
faithful to the end –
where love is borne (rosemary, rue).


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