so in such straits


In the blank depths, at nadir of winter.
An acid stain of turpentine.
Peto’s absinthe green
in the still life; drumbeats in the mirror.

Lincoln & Kennedy… Kennedy & King.
Black silk around the photographs.
Time, summarized in epitaphs –
a rocket glare that freezes everything.

& traitors cluster in a mortis-ring
about great Yggdrasil,
composing lizard doggerel
with fangs of trumpery & sting

of fraud.  Shaping a lattice for a type
of self-enclosing anti-Christ,
whose mesmerism none resist –
Rumored Injustice To Be Smashed By Hype.

So in such straits we huddle round the mast.
No longer measure progress
by the steam pipe’s hiss
& whistle of alarms.  It’s in the past,

a memory of island buoyancy
elliptical & calm
we’ll find that palm;
amid light’s brilliance, a transparency

as if an eye looked down from azure dome
as acorn witness for an apple kingdom –
as if the citizens of heaven-home
were you & I… gold fleece of human freedom.


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