It's been a quiet day in blogland, but I couldn't resist furthering the knowledge and love of cheese among poets & poetry/cheese lovers everywhere, with this quote from today's AP wire services, courtesy NY Times:

Back in Connecticut at the Abbey of Regina Laudis, 
nuns raise sheep, work the fields and sing Gregorian chants
eight times a day. Marcellino, who is also an accomplished
vocalist, was assigned to make cheese. The scientific interest
came later.

In the 1990s, Marcellino won a Fulbright scholarship
to study in France. She eventually spent four years
here studying cheese fungus, going from farm to farm
collecting samples. Her fame grew, and she was profiled
in a documentary that coined her nickname: ``The Cheese Nun.''

The complete article can be found at the Times site (for which you might have to register), here.

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