I envy the poet who is also something of a scholar. Who has another or a related intellectual pursuit. Who can leave off all this honking, & do that. Who brings some of the necessary precision, exactitude, refinement, into their poetry.

I have no prestige with the literary scholars. No one studies me at Harvard or Stanford. Nobody offers me a fellowship. (Then again, I don't apply for 'em, either.) I am a poor wayfarin' stranger, a-travelin through this world of woe.

There happened to be a lot on the radio last night ("Marketplace"; "Eric in the Evening" jazz station) about changes in the music industry, home recording, small music businesses run by the musicians, etc. Listened to it while driving down to West Warwick for band practice.

I will continue to fare forward in my unremunerative noncommercial muse-po fashion, apparently. Free downloads available.

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