I've done my share of busking, in Providence, San Francisco... but mostly in the London underground. In those days I had a nice Les Paul and a little portable amp. I had to take good care of that guitar, an incongruous instrument for any busker. Ended up selling it one day (back in US) when I was low on funds (still regret that!). Now I play a Korean Les Paul imitation (which isn't too bad, actually), & an old cracked Gibson acoustic.

I took guitar lessons for a while (a short while) with Duke Robillard, here in Providence. Also remember taking some folk-picking lessons, briefly, when I was a freshman in college. Otherwise I am pretty much self-taught on that instrument.

I am not obsessive about music the way I have been at times about writing. & I haven't even been that obsessive about writing. I can't tell you a zillion things about the technicalities or who's who in either area of endeavor. I am generally a person for whom things have always come too easily, & neither do I push myself too hard. I suppose this is a damning admission (at my age you start to recognize where you might have pushed harder). I daydream a lot, I brood a lot.

[p.s. the song over at GLS titled "Down Around Angola" was first composed & performed in the London subway. Too bad I can't remember the rest of the lyrics. The song was about international arms dealing, I think.]

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