Something odd & green & quietudinous for St. P Day (from July):


Lifted in crossweft timewarp
from a flowing delta’s fan
of phenomena the nef
left behind the perimeter

(centripedalling kenosic canoah
hen-brewed where bees dance
above closed lips) ascends
into Enrico’s rich F-rica

a sharp clft promontory near
victorious falls the iron
bells’ aye ripples rings
there and the rain

glints on lfbld
splld like rndrp
on lfbld of prrie
grs enflded

lf within lf
shrp swrd

now with
bhved kbzzzz
of hzzzzryl bskts
of hneed wshprrd

hmmng and ksszzs
where the alfabt iz effybt
O’hnd mmmmm (bllft
for the klsn of the csqd shp)

and the shp baaaa
and the b shbaaa
nd the shp (a bshfl
shmrk offrd Abrm)

flts like a spr slwly
into the crcle of
the jwlled crcle
where a flt whstls

to the pt the fxtpt
of the lv-lw
rvld unrvld
crsrd prfct

now nt Mmmn bt
a pnny fr hr nme?

The shrp shprd’s prvn
prw of the shp anchrd
now a rs rsn for shrn
the Chrn crst frvrlstn

and trn the jls shl
of Jls to flcy ltshp

lightly armor to feathers goes
from Julius to lucky July
in the twirl of elegiac
shamrock Sophie

overshadowing the ark
overshadowing the crown
overshadowing the crowd
and lifted so carefully

into the bkwrd mrk
with a shshshmm
goes the shmrk
like tny crmb


a figurehead curled
sharp prow back

grs of
flft ngr

now upstream
qrnd Qn or pn
pt of spd a Qn
of mstrd time

mstrld now
in a ryl flsh
of blJ kfshr
Jbl ay won


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