Had a good presentation on Wednesday at the ol' John Hay Library (bust of Dante at the front door). Peter Thompson read his translation of a very interesting West African poet (Veronique Tadjo, Red Earth), as well as his own series of "bar scene" poems. Anny read a Ronald-Johnsonesque take-down of the Book of Revelations ("Apocalypse"). I read a couple poems, & talked too much (& too disjointedly) about Roger Williams, Milton, epic, & translation, etc. Then Anny & I read together from the bilingual In RI. This event was videotaped too, so maybe we'll relay it to the public somehow.

Yesterday walked with Anny around RW's old stumbling-block, Boston town, on a sunny day. Italian North End, Beacon Hill. Stumbled upon a lot of bookstores & coffee stops. Quaint historical plaques, flowering trees. Talked about all the friendships & connections Anny has made through the poetry internet. Pretty impressive. She brings some Italian warmth & Alpine intensity to her endeavors. One dedicated hard workin' hungry scriptor-sparrow, that is for sure. Reminds me slightly anyway of Elena Shvarts (cigarette smoke, airy leanness). Annie Oakley types, sharpshooters.

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Rolli said...

A v. enjoyable blog, sir. Smart. I'll add you to my favourites.