Hopalong Fontegaia.


Green grow the rushes, oh
where everything begins again.
A circle of fifths, in the empyrean
hot stuff (original Large Boomerang-o).

Countdown to take-off. Launch
the launch, Lance - step onstage.
Disseminate dandelion leaflets,
green the page. Cowwamaunch,

Canonicus (Egyptian phononaut) -
I love you (ringed in Narragansett,
Roger). A-okey-doke. Over and out from
one evasive (pre-enthroned) clay moat.

Into quiet of the photograph.
The retina's retentive curve.
Unspoken spoke. A concave
almanac (a summer cenotaph).

Here lies the clay of the land.
By Circe of sheepish kingdom,
sleepy orb, sunlit shalom, shalom.
South of the mouth, by a mile, of Nile,

understand? Where buffalo roam.
Outside Rome, inside the dome.
Not far from home. Salome,
Solomon, Sheba (green centrosome).

Infinity's the trail - path P (for poetry).
Some pieces of eight. Double one 32-ft
(mosquito-size) bard equals a lady egret -
white mane eddying abaft the parquetry.

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