More wild Fontegaia-nonsense...


The old primordial spine of Providence.
Beneath colonial clapboard, college
collage, the tenements. A prehistoric ridge.
To think of lightfoot Narragansetts here, once...

April sunlight. Everything
nascent. Expectant. Recalling
Ptah, the mn before the 9 - thrumming
helicopter wing (with copper spring)

whose hipster lifts a manuscript
from Rome (for slim white buildings
by a riverbank). Memphis. Seedling
Parousia. Windblown remnant. Coptic

gypsy... O that old Mississippi garbage-
barge, still chugging upstream (in 4/4 time)
loaded with everything rifled from home.
March into April. May be just mirage,

Junie - but let's let 19th-century Nature
take its course. The ineluctable Lucy
will arise from Ethiopia, and walk home
free - once-jejune Logos - now mature,

secure. Andromeda equality. O Lamp,
! It was for you the limber
Negus climbed from his light-trembling
mosquito boat, golden - assumed the lamb-

skin - felt his blind way (upstream
from Memphis). Meanwhile a dram
of equilateral mood-poetry illuminates
unspoken trail (sweet Sheba freedom train).

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