Walk through the mirror


Bleak winter shades... crows in the trees
beak-gnashing, rasping (caw-
caw, hawk-hawk).  Low
Earth, rotund silentium (dregs, lees).

Stillness of still-life – Brown Decades
(hoist Peto).  The Just Man
imago is just a man –
barely there, through simple glades

of green.  Mirror Lakes liked him,
in Mendelssohn.  Only
an infinitely gently-shivery
Rabbi, Hiawatha Honeybear – bro Jim,

our lunky logos (penny-loafing).
Who bears it all, past
He- or She-Cat’s paste-
up Geryon-masque (a scary nothing).

This maze contains a minor tear.
& through a crevice there
one Ariadne hair
leads you to almond-gold rain-bear.

Earth seethes with ziggurats of fraud
& blind men lash themselves
to violence (selva
oscura mitts gorilla code);

but it shall not be so with thee.
Bunny hikes one eye
& looks for wheeling Eli
to come by (benevolent memory).


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