This old man goes rolling home


Sunlight glints in flash-of-gold
on blue-gray lashes, curling
sea around each green-
black pupil glancing from cold

Pontus-depths, like lacquered pearl.
Each soul hath such a wild
wee isle – immur├Ęd child
of even-star, whose raven whorl

beams out of everwhirr – bright
innocent prinkster, fleet-
footing the complete
spring-step, so shamrock-intricate;

Tara, Soissons, Iona know
how low she twirls, she droops
before her leaping swoops
a coign... Elijah – let her go!

Light-nimble Columba... thundery-
coot’red Geraldine... – fits
Geraldine, the crown fits
Geraldine!  In a wheel of clay

through the eye of time – in a ray
of light, through a feather-
full of waterfalls... there,
thereLook there!  A catenary

clover-span!  Four-folded spire,
planted on copper penny-
whistle... one milky-
black Eire-eye rose Paycock-fire!


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