Caw-caw of chi-rho


The caw of a solitary crow
tracks its own echo straight
through the sonic vanishing point.
Past fanfare of the here & now

through a pinhole in the iris of Osiris
or some other shadow
Everyking from long ago.
Some Isis Peirce-the-Veil, or Most

High Elephant from Nile-source
cradling Victoria
for Homo Sap (Erecta) 
kindly Melchizedek, primeval Spouse

offering his star-crossed bread & wine
beneath Polaris &
the Twin Cup-Bears
to lift each soul into his milky Sign.

I hear the rasping of an iron swing.
C-row... chi-rho...  Behold
a shepherd in his fold
of 99 lambkins!  The last king

looks out from bairn-cupola, a crown
of stars.  A gardener
in the graveyard.  Mary’s
pal, incognito (Son of Man).

A retina, streaked with a spectacle
of tears.  Psychopomp
beyond Caesar’s last trump.
Ocean-continuum... wry planet oracle.


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