Green confetti for Bunny Rabbi


Morning sunlight on the riverbank.
Old bridge in the background.
Hubbub of human sound
gone quiet here – some time to think.

The ranks of cottonwoods draw shapes
in four dimensions – homesick
willows by Euphrates,
brooding vaults of shady Chartres,

cloisters clad with marigolds
on orange heights (Monte
Cassino) – where they
summon up papyrus scrolls

like hopeful honeybees, reviving
scribble-cribs in royal reels
of pearly Solomon’s seal –
fern, aloe, acacia... (ever-living

green confetti, for Easter Rabbi).
I pace these precincts with
a vagrant slouch, as if
I’d missed the point.  & then I see

you! – bright invincible
companion – always there
in your cloud-rocking chair
at End of Time, & trouble –

familiar storyteller, Indian Guide
whose hearth blazes from Southern
Cross to blue Vermilion – within
Love’s angled arc (smile-wide).


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