In the deep grain


In the deep grain, American
wood flows like river
darkness, Indian-giver
is your claim   start again

with a gamble, shepherd   desert
is your friend   when you
become a   sheep (who-
who, keens   Cyclops-owl).  My yurt

is yours, pilgrim   enunciates
Canonicus (to the dauntless
youth).  His confidence
in the common good   illustrates

the Second Table   of stone
outlines   everyone
understands   Turkmen
& Catholic   Quakers, even –

that the Good   is transparent
& rooted   a charity
branch   shading   the nitty-
gritty (hungry teeth)   your Parent-

Spirit, who is Heir Apparent
&   (apparently)
Ancient of Mondays
also   her name is Clement

or Clementine   she wears big shoes
she drowned   in the river
it was my mistake   her
name   is Jessie (almond   of the Jews)


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