Concord, Columbia


This gazebo’s tilted octagon
of weathered, worm-eaten
cedar holds off the rain
in Minneapolis, again.

Again, Henry will dream his songe
like a train-hopping sponge
& let summer arrange
cloud-peaks of glory (strange

magnet, fourchette d’orange).  Concord,
Columbia Рcr̩atif
brain-fever of native
mer-wit – good Will’s three-cornered

cap of happiness (wasp Osip’s
honey-basket on the Hill
of Skull).  A game of skill
is Vladimir’s, & music too – the ship’s

a Kievan ark (turned right-side-up
beneath its choral dome).
Salt-azure breath of wisdom
streams from Maximus (one cup

of simple crumblevine); his prong
is set like Lebanon
cedar beside the chronic
faultline – earthquake birthpang,

epileptic flow.  & now one smile
reverses Golgotha
with OK light – it’s manna-
Madeleine (kneads pain into a grail).


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