the Ariadne pattern


A wild white rose at the side of the house
bloomed just today
like the city of Dioce
on green clover stairway   Spouse

Sister   in clusters of stars
Who are you?   Magdala
Stone   mosaic   of gala
winefest   little swirl of squares

corn-maze   around an ingle eye
your single sigh
the keystone   by-&-by
(little fiddlehead fern   turning pern-

kernel   the axle of the ax)
as Icarus   burning wax
falls   cataracts
into Grotto J   (relax)

on Chartres nave-pavement   discern
the Ariadne pattern
that angry monks   learn
magnanimity   & turn

again   as falcons gyre   into
the sun   (mild   smile
on earth   mile upon mile)
the Son of Man   is fashioned true

whisper those lips   of windblown rue
Jessie Ophelia   your
leaves of grace   empowered
to plow   deep rose   to emerald blue


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