One perfect notion


Take this canoe : figure in space
afloat upon time.
Like a Venn diagram
of lapping overlappings, Falcon-Ace –

with the footprint of a sacrifice
like seal of royal doom
(where heavy lilacs bloom).
Beneath lilacs, by Lake of the Isles

I turn back down Memory Aisle...
see shades by willow leaves
in Providence.  Gold sheaves
of lyres, in single evening file –

there’s good gray Edwin, like
a giant beech – there’s Voodoo
Queen of Arkansas (Who-
Who... her seedy owl’s with Mike

now – harps in D.C. laurel branches)...
& Hobo Henry, leaning
back to earth (sing
resurrection, buried man) – launches

out on rolling River of Dreams
(with mazy crane dance
in a prairie trance).
E pluribus unum, Roger Williams...

muttering like young apple leaves
from a root in the grave,
out of lips keen to save.
One perfect notion... (so Hart believes).


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