Minneapolis in purple light


Beatrice at the vanishing point
or Juliet on the bridge
mark infinite edge
to Alighieri goat-trails (figure 8).

The leaves of universal autumn
rain like parchment tears
from planetary spheres
& sea-grey eyes (too close to home)

to say goodbye, to wander streets
vacant & desolate
& drift   (disconsolate
refugee)   where only fleets

of shadows meet   (lonely nightmare)
& still the yearning heavens
wheel   manna leavens
their deep imperturbable desire

rooted in unfathomable joy
Eternity, O Eternity!
he crowed (with penny-
whistle, raven-quill) – meek Roy

nestled in evergreen holm oak
like Ariadne’s emerald
corona... like straw-gold
Acorn Maid, among the little folk.

The drowsy King of Love bowed
his trompette marine
umbilical fountain
of spiral clay (Galilean mode).


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