ravens snag rookies in bluejay trees


The angry father is a sad figure;
the unarmed child who walks
with open hands, talks
toward him, reaches C major

on the 88 (pine-green octave).
Ravens snag rookies
in bluejay trees;
the hunters wonder what to have

out of their hollow sack of Bruegel-
frost; argufying
starlings form a ring
around a sole magpie (farewell,

Maggie).  Translucent October
showers yellow-black
on Caesar’s hunchback
(rogue goldfinch – he’s never sober).

Cold grows colder, stone more stony;
rude men kneel down
for a crust of wine-
stained loaf; God’s only phony

for the mickle microphones – the orphan
player’s Richard III.
She’ll stand by me,
mutters Rusty Piers (cowman);

after the grey November rain
stars will come out again,
gems constellate the plain –
& Hobo echo her enchanted brain.


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