the trumpery of tusked bore


In my republic of grey matière
all things have dignity –
50 states of Jubilee
emerge from one low rustic star.

The akme of the chaste vision
loops down from innocence;
a catenary salience,
the smile of your companion.

Coke’s helm of liberty-in-law
(old holm oak in the woods)
frames acorn neighborhoods –
spun west from Berkeley’s awe

& Williams’ magnanimity –
raying from Rhodian gate
one starry Ocean State
to Frisco Bay profundity

(Pacific fiat through a lilac door).
Woodblock villains rage
across a cypress stage
the trumpery of tuskèd bore;

rich mythologies advance
boast-predator Power;
a tiny violet flower
planted at the Gate’s entrance

beams back toward Rhodos-Liberty
her creole-green
& blazing copper sheen –
one steadfast statute in the harbor, she.


Roger Williams Memorial, Prospect Terrace (Providence)

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