when the Eternal comes


Shards of a spectrum scatter flashing
by the old twin-doored
twin-dovetail mirror
out of Mexico.  Light faceting

(from purple candlestick, late
afternoon, October).
All Souls’, beyond Tiber
or Po, where goat-sheep congregate

beneath the tiny pumpkin lamps
of Chinese lanterns.  We
lift them with you, Psyche –
4-dimensional temple!  Clamps

of copper from an iron ribcage
breathe out now with you
your Scattergood milieu,
egalitarian Link-o-pen; rage

cannot stem your dissemination,
nor malevolence
of Minotaur silence
muted trompette marine.  O nation

sowing disintegrated diamonds
of personhood – like rain
of milkweed seeds!  A grain
for monarch feathers (Solomon’s)

or living stones, or silver pennies
American .925
recursive light from hive
2 dozen bronze lamps from your base


Rick Stocks has gathered in 3 warehouses
brass railings from the stairs
for climbing to the Bears
who dance around your Ariadne’s

Crown, Leviathanic brow;
soul liberty, she said,
& rising from the dead
these hieroglyphs tattoo my prow.

The lamp lifts in an evening light.
The crossroads (dying –
living – loving – giving)
focus, like a lens (Hittite

or Italian – Roma, Ethiopian...)
how my heart emigrated
toward your implicated
face (memory of Raphaelian

grace, nested in Providence).
So the quiddity of soul
shows Psyche (personal);
how you live, what happens

gradually fold to perfection
when the Eternal comes
& autumn drums
refracted through her leafy prison

echo under circling stars
the Three Bears dance
beyond Pacific romance   &
La Paix rises   from Venus, Mars


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