eye in the level

replica of Roger Williams' compass, pocket sundial


The pilgrim in the wilderness
like young George Washington
will draw a survey line
in order to project his progress

straight ahead, from point to point.
Primordial Providence
the paradisal focus –
your pen’s first instance.  Appoint

your 2nd Adam, then, Most High
to be the gold eye
in the level – bead the way
with your Accordion of earth & sky,

dream-song of host & guest alike.
My Christianity
is primitive, really.
This nazir chanting by the lake

was also Elohim; we sponged the vinegary
wine together, soaked
the dry bread – smoked
the peace pipe in his company.

My Providence is primitive as well.
Young Roger at the river’s
edge, his seekers, strivers –
welcomed, welcoming – a lunar shell

for pattern of a little government
upon her shoulder (Ocean
State).  Mirroring Sine
of Wave... rinsing tomorrow’s present.


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