sumac muse


The new Solomon will show
a spirit of discernment.
No more time spent
on wastes of shame, Sheba – no.

He might see the Parousia
if he takes care.
His friend Hobo (where’d
he go?) will likely not carouse

far, yah.  He’s by the river,
as per.  Autumn sumac
beads along railroad track.
Dry cotton bones, monsieur.

François might join him there,
under gibbous moon,
Paris monsoon...
cornered at the bridge of the stair.

Amigo Frank – piano soul of Frisco,
tempering tomorrow.
Palming witness so
to stigma of twinship, boy-o.

Thunderbird collects herself
over Red Wing swamps.
Imperial affliction stamps
[available in lobby]. Guelf

to Ghibelline, Dante wit Beatrice...
Moses and Elijah frame
their thorny throne (slim
acmé of suave pillars).  Touché.


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