plastic leaves & bottlecaps


This autumn wind-chime Sophie made
like El Anatsui (African
weaver spider-man)
from plastic leaves & bottlecaps, tied

with bright ribbons – a key, a table knife,
a silver keychain ring,
a crystal ball... everything
needful for the voyage into afterlife

(October & November, winter
ice).  I hear it now,
an echo from the prow
of gray stone mothership.  Your

Notre Dame of infinite mercy,
villain François.  Or Chartres,
Hen – where light chartreuse
rhymes with sky-blues, calm sea

of sunset rose.  On the scarred floor
a labyrinthine feedback
loop speeds Argo-carrack
by umbilical thesis to Ari’s door.

Arachne, Ariadne...in Rhode Island?
One subterranean Ocean
Stream, Atlantean
where every son of J sails home again

across Medea’s Méditerranée – &
where Medusa’s stone frown
melts, to gleaming crown
of salty dew... grail of compassion.


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