Idea of Order at Port-au-Prince


The mysteries of the tree of life
wafted in pine-scent,
loon-call.  Where she went?
My tiny Haitian house (Hiram Abiff?)

flattened into iron, painted
sea-coral (for joy).
That illegible toy
Advent ball of light – Levite,

anointed by black sun (yellow-
black Torah).  Sister-
dove?  Little tree
of Jessie, O (hidden willow-

canoe of Providence).  Chip
off the sloop Francesca
(pale arte povera,
woven from raven-ink on quipu

stone).  These are the quadrants
of my quatrain train
with a hey, ho, the wind
& the rain (Earth birth-bangs, pants).

You will carry Ariadne’s Crown,
Cordelia – innocence
to crystalline prescience
at perihelion of night (black noon).

Palladium of cornbelt Maggy –
out of Byzantium
into some quonset dome
of little Rhody (heart’s domain).


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