Watch Night


A satellite streaks past Ultima Thule
at the rim, beyond Pluto.
Starlight, emitted long ago
marks the limit of what we know, Julie.

You took it to the limit, too –
plummeting on his birthday
into San Francisco Bay.
The scar on my heart stays blue.

A lifeline in my palm... tracing
your twirling halcyon-
descent.  Eccentric swan-
dives of deflected passion swing

the human pendulum to no return –
so you became my silent
witness to an absent
safety net (grave spirit-urn).

In a backyard garden, in Montrose Park
(on Avon Place, off R Street)
a weathered zodiac (fleet
beam for sailing time) still makes its mark.

The evening sun at vernal equinox
touching its circumference
sends streaming photons
in array, toward Washington’s matrix –

that sleepy apple tree, the founder’s
fault (first gentleman
surveyor’s lie-of-land).
& will our prime star, speaking, founder


backward, under night-sea sand?
The morning star, the pole
star’s mate – your sister-soul –
whose flickers lead our sarabande?

Hobo lumbers after Henry’s shade,
lugging the telescopes.
Who drowns their hopes
might lift them up again.  Maid

Marion, or Liberty, Virgo-Columbia
(the various nicknames
for Jonah-dove)... dream’s
figurehead for Watch Night... hallelujah!

Ice gathers on the Mississippi.
River-flow & starlight
comprehend Time’s might,
rewind the spring, recall the sea –

Pacific now, beyond the redwood tree;
beyond eld oak grove
where an infant strove
with Roundheads... & a maypole (merrily)

spun feet toward Pentecost;
beyond Sons of Liberty
into a whorled Equality
wrapt, spindled on a lambent ghost –

that quipu-knot, that safety net,
that weaver-coracle
from Galilee.  Slight miracle-
Thunderwren... walking on water, Juliet.


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