12th Night fol-de-rol


This airy painted Christmas ball
with its river of snowflakes,
twin gondola remakes
wobbling between the RISD Market Hall

& Industrial National Bank –
old Providence downtown.
Little lonesome microcosm
some winter night.  World on the brink.

In New Orleans, in the French Quarter
they’re rifling a king cake
for the royal bean.  What make
& manner of lass or laddie shall be heir?

Assail the wassail; mayhap we’ll see.
Everything is topsy-turvy.
Plastic Jesus is a curvy
smiley-doll – wee replica of you & me.

Let’s party.  Okean River flows
down from Milky Way
to Ocean State... happy
birthday!  Queen Flower-Child knows

all about Path P; X mark ze spot
where little Charlie’s acorn
sprung into a tall greenhorn.
Watching over still – almond knot-

maze in flutestones of Chartres
(her name is Jessie)
wavering out of Galilee.
Canoes bear her palladium (& ours).


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