rattlesnakes & wild hogs

woodcut by Mary R. Gould


Hobo & Henry (mirror lakes of ice)
hunker down by the Miss
in apocalyptic freeze.
Global worming – ain’t nice,

offers Hobo.  Henry stands on a log
of spongy cottonwood,
to speechify.  I would
gather everyone in D.C. – slug

it out with themeny!  Hobo : Who he?
King Henny Gowanabe?
Beware Coatlicue,
m’deer!  She got that panoply

um rattlesnakes & wild hogs,
rootin’ all around –
Iagoons, Macboars... ground
Z for Camazone swamp hellhound dogs!

In the blank mirror of unconsciousness
the stone-cold powers
& the lotus-flowers
collide in a collusion...  Heartlessness,

she mutters.  Hobo sunk down.
Cheer up, old boy,
sez Hank.  My Book of J
opines beneath Cordelia’s Crown;

she shone me that Madonna del Parto
flaring like Indian mound –
high Sophie’s dancing ground
(who shall restore our humane Beneficio).


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