ancient West Branch watercolor


Everything gets more simple
in old age.  Trust me.
Thanksgiving pumpkin pi =
two stone pillars, plus an ample

roof.  Henry Mewl, hee-hawing
NNW (out of Apuleius)
checkmates template Isis 
planted in West Branch (settling

in river-bronze).  Like that watercolor
Mary Negus limned
in high school – skimmed
from unlocked memory (her

Grant Wood brain, a dusty library).
The curve prongs back to earth
west of St. Lou. – Ft. Worth.
Van Cliburn Plumbs to Victory.

I was walking up from the Mississippi
this afternoon, & met
(in Voronezh sunlight)
an ancient babushka, smiling at me.

Thinking of Nadezhda, & of hope...
of Mary Magdalen,
who witnessed Russian
irony in the garden (roped-

off Gesthem – Tsarskoe Selo).
The dream song blinks
until your lighthouse winks.
Wry rosy Providence (all systems go).


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