Anny Ballardini has transcribed a short interview she did with me, the night before she headed back to Italy. At the Poets' Corner, here. Straight from the old paint's mouth, not doctored up.

We were on this patio in the backyard, it was getting dark, & we were waiting for people to show up for the farewell party.

"The ant's a centaur in his dragon world."


Anny Ballardini said...

O yes, a great backyard. And I was telling Henry that the noises in the background are quite interesting: birds twittering, at a certain point the cat crying and crying, finally twice the traffic comes in, an entire orchestra in the background.
It brought me back to the States right there, what a simple tape can do...

Anny Ballardini said...

And I forgot to say that it was Jeff Harrison who directed me here, since I haven't advertised it yet.
Thanks Jeff!
You Blizzard of the Gods!