more apocryphal Fontegaia.


Solomon (a sort of Orpheus) could talk to animals
called all the birds to a Middle East conference
except disobedient Hoopoe (with his impudent
crest) lit out for the territory sent back signals

New-Founde Land past Sabaday Lake upstream
from Nile
& soon elliptical (circumferential)
messages began to emanate (confidential) from
there rumors & telegrams (Is Queen Bea On

the Make
?) Sol (looking for chess partner)
became intrigued & (in time) intrigue became him
too for the searchlight Queen was like a slim
flicker of sword-blade ever on his tail (still master

of defense & flighty game) she showed the moon
to his sunshine until the day of the (unlooked-for)
eclipse when she jumped him like a sidewinder
(blindsided) black to the whites of his eyes (one

blinkered mountain-cock one shady Lady Grey)
Only a wild goose chase for the wisest man alive?
Well (spake Sun in a Milky Way) their beehive
was productive Earth bore fruit thereof

downstream) Honeychile sunk the foundation
for a sweet return & in that milky (mnemonic) haze
suffusing all the suspiring trees ringleted, maze-
feathered Hoopoe looped-a-loop over his friend

Raven & as light grew stronger & pervaded
everywhere its gauzy lance (through magnifying
glass) tapped Leah's mane Natasha's limping spring
tattooed the track (flagroot) where they waded in

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