another mysterioso etch-a-sketch for gaga Fontegaia...


Behind the mumble of these syllables you note
my shadow as beneath the horsehair color-swirls
a woman magnified as Magdalen one Sienese model
living, breathing, was & these fumbling trumpet-

notes at the end of my long Hiawatha-run
(Chicago to St. Paul) only a rough analogy
for that recurrent, elusive Somebody (Big G
for Curious George?) always trying to hide

behind in the crowd behind the arras
like not-so-shy Bernardino with his borrowed
burro burrowed into the misplaced shadow
of a corner niche to follow a Franciscan pulse :

of fiery heart for heart of fire zeroing in on
the ozone (old Indian Guide method,
spinning a pointed stake across a mound
of wood-dust) until heart burns clear refined

& simple aimed so like a magnifying glass
toward the summer sum's enfolding arms
you remember gathered up for Joachim's
futurity & my 8 cents' worth for a flighty lass

alas (held in my palm 33 yrs) flung up at last
toward that echoing bridge across the Bay
- one hobo's contribution meted out for the Day
to come O happy day of Jubilee & so forecast

the coin falls with (at certain rate of speed)
specific gravity (outside the gate, at 7:15) where
one attentive student (Poetry 1099) pivots
on her heel toward George the gardener indeed

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