Fontegaia, at a gallop now...


The aged sheepdog sometimes loses the scent
of his old flame but then steps back 4 steps
and picks it up again waltzing from the steppes
to the Andes down the incremental ink-track went

trailing a single dark hair curled in a Guadalupe
loop & round & down into a quipu knot like
Juliet in Cuzco sunspot in the shade of Manco Capac
so love's mazement makes a labyrinth of rosy lips

& so the blindness of the heart's black hole
(cunning J-dem conundrum) might become
a spinning jenny demonstration thrown some-
where by modal centrifugue toward Clio

& Calliope or Cassiopeia luminous suspended W
above the primal falls where the well begins
the fountain springs where Frisbee spins
in stillness, hovering - Noah's rainbow -

out of the still center of the potter's royal palm
near the Middle Sea of an infinite (88-fold) stringed
mappamondo out of the hole in the Blind King
shade out of Poe's fable & Whitman's dream

the light light fingers leave across chippy water
old jib wassail, old Bluejay way & the scent
of a goodness deepening through distance what
she meant by leafing me through the dark matter

of Siena ennead Nile-milk by leafing me alone
& all disintegrated from her heart a separation
of the eyes from sun old chaos-causing Cuz
undone by djinn a spirit-whorl's O-zone


then thence to begin again
as unfurled flag or fiddlehead
since Lucy's lightened way led
Will unburdened now as if reborn

& as each petal of the famished heart
made bold to turn again beheld as from the pool
rose rose lake standing sheer a school of
golden fish translucent there in evening light

there at the Itasca source of all my labile
laboring here in ordinary Providence
toward you because love's endless
sentience is spun from a blind sapience wild

tamarind tree of very rooted nature kind
& true through fair & foul equable steadfast
& firm lasting forever like a droning mast
through the last tempest until you find

streaming good will in a delicate arc of spray
from a limestone font sweet susurrus underneath
the stumbling speech of a beckoning mosaic wraith
of inward memory you always knew & could not say

O harbinger of restoration little messenger
on tender feet my carrier pigeon
out of Jonah's wail take this portion
to her Mystery like the town in the cupola, or

the rose in the chest Jose Martin Jasper
& Hart it flowers so and flows toward where
up where it came the stream in the mirror
the rose in Notre Dame so follow now now soar


(p.s. some notes : this is the centerpiece of the final (5th) chapter of the poem. "j-dem" - term from contemporary physics having to do with theory of dark energy. "Manco Capac" - mysterious Inca savior-god (see Melville's Confidence Man). "Middle Sea" - ancient term for Mediterranean (middle C - center of 88-key piano). "Blind King" - The Blind King was the name of an old storefront windowshade store on Atwells Ave., in Federal Hill, the Italian section of Providence.)

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