keepin' on Fontegaia...

for Phoebe

In the rattle of the restless uncertain business
down the street, up the street questions
the soul, then : chance, or Providence?
I was lucky last Saturday a willing witness

ushered into my (free) place (father of the usher)
4th row, Lincoln Center Emanuel Ax, playing
Beethoven's 5th Concerto with playful bearing
of a rollicking bear who's found the honeycomb

there and when 10 fingers lift from pounding octaves
and tremolo of tender haunting trills he turns
rolling on his bench hearkening smiles breathes
in the violins sweet master of intricate delight

So glancing at the Times this morning noted
photo of distant galaxy in the shape of a nippled
breast and thought of the Milky Way the principle
of designation human signs for the remote

ongoing mutter of dark matter but I think this
dancing bear has found the honeycomb indeed
in the dome-nest of the turtle-home the secret Law
of setting-free (between gloomy ax and the kiss

of Pax the pact in the mosaic in the fresco
in the sign of Siena) yes this old geezer
(Old Faithful) this old hobo too insouciant
slouch-hat rambler found his Lincoln icon (imago)

where the stereopticon of the spiritual war
between time and Providence is resolved as when
a magnifying glass pours sunlit fire into a thin
green blade of grass as from a deep well-jar

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