bard owl hoot-yawp


A dark mandala, with its threads of gilt
glinting in sepulchral gloom.
Brown recluse home
or poison farm – Potemkin-built

for subtle, shady beast (forma
tricorporis umbra).
Yessir – USSR – Usura
rapt the hack machine – some worm

robbed all the banks in Hungary
sincerely, your servant
left with Nada (she went
under).  One black-wreath memory

laurels a World War grave,
limed with gold streaks
of tears.  Leaf breaks
hearts; stubborn moth digs nave.

Infinitely gentle, infinitely
suffering thing... Rabbi,
rabbi, your symmetry
of gravity pulls toward a parapet

or pole-star magnet – anti-matter
mutter at the gate
of timespace (intricate
constellate icosahedron footpad

rabbit-patter).  Yellow gyroscope
for the lad in Ravenna,
wheeling through Gehenna
into turtleshell domicile – Hope


Diamond southern bells – milky
over Memphis, chanting
out of slave-haunt... (sling
your wide human boomerang, Psyche).

Fraud loops fey pebbles into flagging
factories, for vanity –
haughty coyote-
greed howls babble onto bragging

piles of glare – why do the notions rage?
Out of a quiet well,
a widow’s mite will tell
another rustic peony tale.  Osage

cheekbones of Lincoln-Logos shine
in the fiery human sun –
Rhodos-Colossus Woman
radars an omnipresent beryl-pine

from silver harbor.  The retrograde
cannot delay reality –
their bubble-polity
will burst (too much steel air) – a Maid

of Orleans, or Land o’Lakes
shall lead the ring-dance
in a crayon trance
& sketch a reciprocity

of snakes & ladders, golden eagles
& grey turtledoves.
The peacock fan of Love’s
dominion flares... green acorn-angles.


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