sleights of memory


Calm bronze serpent zigzags through
November Indian summer.
The northern light is clear
in smoky autumn – mirrors you.

What you cherish will remain
in sleights of memory.
A wheeled mosaic sea
en masque – galactic Halloween

as out of Egypt swam the sun
of Man (Apollinaire
with calumet, plein air)
& left his tempered wrath, his sunken

jealousy behind (dark backward
bones, full fathom five).
Ikhnaton’s beehive,
a honeyed hexagon – God

being pure agape (Manitou,
magnanimous & kind).
Sleepwalking blind
only the dream revives you –

only a breath of homely air
(smoke lifting gracefully,
light’s equanimity).
Chaste akme of the meteor –

a Lincoln logos, omnipresent;
curving profile of a brow
figuring Noah’s prow –
tender basilica to dancing bent.


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