Mosey up the Nile


The child in her acorn coracle
moseys up the Nile
flashing her light smile
every which way (infant oracle);

when you least expect, she’ll plant
her seedling joy – OK,
everything’s hunky-dory
now – with a fiddlehead stunt,

twirling up in a spiral over
empty space (green
island in the brain,
green almond, 4-leaf clover).

The red-gray desert stone
harbored an agate
lamp – uplifted late
into the night (sweet Psyche-zone);

under a wavy cupola of bark
a tepee-tripod braced
the buoyant mandorla...
O Hobo-Rube, not earthquake

nor volcano can displace
your cheery pine-lantern
whose handy facets perne
around one holm oak chase

the quick naiad now, into the wood!
She cartwheels up ahead –
one skipping emerald,
one glancing Ariadne-tread.


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