RAVENNA DIAGRAM becomes 3-dimensional object

Dear steady long-suffering readers of HG Poetics,
this is just to say
that you can now read the
seemingly infinitely-long poem
Ravenna Diagram
in book form -
in the comfort of your own unscreened cabin,
cave, or hobbit-hutch (or apartment).
Volume One (books 1-4), that is.

The tome is a physical object now, for sale online
from Lulu Books, here -
and from Amazon, here -
and maybe from other places I don't yet know about.

Volume Two (books 5-8) has also been written -
much of it has appeared on this blog -
I'm waiting on results of some magazine submissions
before I put out Volume Two - probably early next year.

The projected forecast for Ravenna Diagram is 20 books.
I don't know if I'll ever get there,
but so far, so good - it's been a fast-running, babbling brook of a poem.

Thank you, dear friends.  Cheers & adios for now -

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