the flicker of a flicker


Yea though I walk through the valley of the shadow
of a raven overhead
with the sun in his beak – dead
noon in Jerusalem – I will fear no

evil.  The rabid orangutan
with his orange comb
trumpets drastic doom
for milky stars – the Black Son

of Memphis & his Romany
Hobos (a gospel band)
– he doesn’t understand
the music.  Where‘s the harmony?

Under a ruin of reconstruction,
the rusty copper scaffold
of jealousy (green mold)
they glimpsed a revelation

of plain limestone floor – the sepulchre
where Jesus lies in state,
briefly (before the great
grey wings translate to their obscure

futurity).  Along a Mississippi
sedimentary ridge, I spied
the quick white-gold
Ionian flicker of a flicker (underbelly

lambsdown curvature aloft)...
Io?  from Iowa?
Some swift sky-cow
out of Abyssinian abyss?  Soft...


I hear her owl’s wing whisper
through the silence.  Nut-
brown acorn chariot,
a whorl of grey cloud-matière...

Gödel’s self-interference, weft
of Maximus bard-
beard (sun tangled
with midnight, O infinitely deft

monarch)... Apollinaire in blue
kepi (the unknown soldier
waiting out the end of war)...
twin silver doves that mirror you

upon a double door from Mexico.
O Guadalupe – heart-
encrypted grail-casket –
cedar & cypress womb-Argo

whose planet is moss-green tomorrow –
bend down to sister Psyche
now, unknot my
Tauromachia; Raven’s shady Imago

unfolds a lantern crown of light.
Out of the cthonic hills
of frightened, haunted wills
a laughing stream called Make-It-Right

(the Minnehaha of the minnow tar)
floats Moses-coracle
to Dawn (original
lodestone – morning North Star).


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